Robert Bracey

Robert has been interested in architecture from a very young age, growing up in the middle of his parent’s first house extension; he made scaled models from Lego and thrived on creating dens in the house.

While undertaking his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at the Lincoln School of Architecture Robert was the treasurer of the Lincoln Architecture Society, and was instrumental in its growth. He was also part of the RIBA re-validation team, helping the School of Architecture to gain unconditional re-validation.

Since completing his RIBA part II Bachelor of Architecture in 2012, Robert has been undertaking a major house renovation project for his parents, gaining valuable practical construction experience. Robert joined GHA in 2014 and is now working towards RIBA part III and Charted Architect status. Robert believes architecture should enrich people’s lives and play an important role in our wellbeing and social environment.

Along with architecture Robert is keen photographer and enjoys capturing the world at large - from the simplest natural phenomenon to the most complex of human creations. He endeavors to capture the phenomenological nature of his surroundings through a creative and philosophical understanding of the world.

Robert enjoys anything that gets him outside experiencing the world in which we live, whether that is a simple walk or road cycling.