Robert Bracey

Surrounded by building work during his formative years, amidst his parents’ first house extension, Rob enjoyed making Lego models and drawing houses which inspired him to study at Lincoln School of Architecture.

Rob joined GHA in 2014, completing his RIBA part III at Cambridge University in 2018.

Rob’s architectural interest lies in the design of high quality contemporary housing enriching the everyday life of the occupants. He believes architecture is a making process with the client at the centre of the design process. He takes careful consideration of the detail and material choices to form a holistic approach.

One of Rob’s goals in life is to build his own house. He is a great supporter of the self-build and custom-build movement. He is currently part of a group forming a Community Land Trust with the ultimate goal of making home ownership affordable.

Along with architecture Rob is a keen photographer and enjoys capturing the world at large - from the simplest natural phenomenon to the most complex of human creations. He is still an avid Lego fan, as well as a bread maker, and road cyclist.

Meanwhile his parents’ house renovations are still in progress, slowed by Rob’s continual demands for exceptional detailing.