Marek Sekowski

Marek qualified and registered as an Architect in 2010. He graduated in one of the most beautiful and diverse cities in Central Europe Wroclaw, Poland, historically called ‘Flower of Europe’. After graduation, Marek worked for a multi-disciplinary practice in the city of Poznan, West Poland, where he developed skills in designing for sensitive historic architectural contexts.

In 2004, Marek moved to the UK and initially worked for large architectural cladding suppliers where he developed expertise and technical knowledge in designing external forms and materials of large scale multi-million commercial properties.

Since moving to Cambridge in 2006 he has worked for local practices as well as setting up and running his own practice for nearly 4 years. During this time Marek developed knowledge and skills of designing residential and commercial schemes for the sensitive and diverse location that Cambridge is.

He has a very practical approach to architecture, constantly seeking to balance the three elements of function, form, and structure to compliment each other without competing. He particularly enjoys running projects on site, overseeing designs as they become reality. This often requires him to act as a principle designer as well as an architect. In order to fulfill those duties with a degree of knowledge, Marek became an Incorporated Member of The Association for Project Safety (IMaPS).

Outside the office, Marek enjoys every minute with his three young daughters. His passion is traveling and each family holiday he finds a different destination to visit, meet local people, try local food and admire the local architecture.