Graham Harper

Graham has been involved in architecture for more decades than he likes to admit. Initially Graham obtained the necessary technical qualifications to be classed as a 'technician/assistant'. Being mad keen on design Graham has been involved with many projects in architecture, including the design and project management of various types of buildings. These have included law courts, numerous multi-storey office blocks, warehousing, telephone exchanges, desert settlements, Doctors' surgeries, equine facilities, various USAF base facilities throughout East Anglia, shopping centres, and countless private houses and extensions.

Along with architectural projects Graham has also designed a couple of interiors of Boeing airliners owned by Middle Eastern Princes, along with an award winning aircraft interior, and a racetrack, for a very famous F1 team.

He was elected a member of The Chartered Society of Designers in 1993. Graham’s hobbies include photography, motorcycling and restoring classic cars.