Carl Rowland

After leaving Manchester University and his native north-west, Carl has lived in Cambridge since1989 and since qualifying as an architect has worked for both small and medium sized practices.

For a period of four years, Carl and his wife had their own architectural practice, during which time he taught at Leicester de Montfort School of Architecture.

Carl joined Graham Handley Architects in 2013 and has been responsible for the coordination of large residential projects through the production information, tender and construction processes.

His particular strength is the ability to identify the intrinsic quality of a building’s design and, with his broad knowledge of materials and construction techniques, deliver this through the production drawing and contract stages to the finished building.

Carl has been project architect on a wide range of projects, including youth centres, health centres, school projects, nurseries, a refectory building, large high quality private houses, housing association residential projects, retail, student accommodation, bespoke and speculative office developments.

Outside the office he enjoys visiting country churches, especially when chanced upon during walks or cycling through the countryside. Carl has always enjoyed competitive sports: he plays cricket and tennis and is the referee and secretary of Cambridge Roller Hockey Club.