Eagle Mill Boutique Hotel

Eagle Mill is a Listed former mill owner’s house near St Ives. We negotiated with the local Conservation team for a very substantial extension, providing five boutique guest bedrooms, a dining room and reception area.

We achieved this sizeable addition to the property by using the site’s sloping topography to avoid dominating the Listed building: our strategy was to design the new accommodation to appear as if it was the conversion of a putative semi-courtyard of outbuildings to the former mill house.

The main extension is linked to the Listed house with a sedum-roofed single-storey glazed link. From the road the extension appears extremely modest and vernacular in style, whilst in the courtyard the contemporary nature of the building begins to be revealed, with significantly larger glazed elements.

The interior is designed to be modern and spacious, most of the rooms being open to the roofspace. Each bedroom has a large ensuite bath/shower room; some of the rooms additionally include a luxurious bathing area within the bedroom.