Bedford Estate at Woburn

GHA is working with a large country estate to develop two different sites for housing.

The first site will provide key-worker housing for the landowners tourism venue. There will be a total of 19 self-contained units, in a mix of cottages and apartments, with some of the apartments being formed from the conversion of a Listed timber-framed barn. Whilst each self-contained unit will have its own private garden, there will also be a well-sized, landscaped communal garden, providing the opportunity for the residents to meet and socialise with their colleagues.

The site is very sensitive, being located in open countryside adjacent to a Grade 2 Listed farmhouse. Not all of the farmyard area is being developed: a substantial area will be landscaped, providing both a visual and an ecological buffer between the new housing and the open countryside.

The second site is for private housing which the client is retaining for their rental property portfolio. The two sites are only three miles apart, but are under different local authorities and each has different planning policy requirements for sustainability, accessibility and housing mix.